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Time, Mass and Electrical Measurement Calculation

The hydrostatic equation is given by either Eq. (3.7a), (3.7b), or (3.7c). These three equations are great for mass measurement units calculation because any one of the equations can be used to derive the other two measurements. The hydrostatic equation is valid for any units calculation such as mass, electrical measurement and time constant density fluid in hydrostatic equilibrium. To calculate piezometric head or piezometric pressure, an engineer identifies a specific location in a body of fluid and then uses the value of pressure and elevation at that location. Piezometric pressure and head are related by the time measurement calculation tools at http://www.convertunitsnow.com/convert-time-units/calculate-time-units.aspx.


Piezometric head, h, a property that is widely used in electrical measurement calculation, fluid mechanics, characterizes hydrostatic equilibrium. When hydrostatic equilibrium prevails in a body of fluid of constant density, then h will be constant at all locations. For example, Fig. 3.6 shows a container with oil floating on water. Since piezometric head is constant for electrical measurements, mass measurements and time measurement calculations in the water, ha = hb = hc. Similarly the piezometric head is constant in the oil: hd = he = hf. Notice that piezometric head is not constant when density changes. For example, hc hd because points c and d are in different fluids with different values of mass, density and electrical measurements.